The list of my official Kaiba stuff.

Yu-Gi-Oh! manga volumes and One Coin dolls.
Manga // original japanese version and first edition printed.

Seto Kaiba PVC (27,5cm). Scale 1/7.

As a first production bonus of the PVC included the Battle City blimp.

Kaiba bookmark in a Terry Pratchett's book (a gift from my sister).

Duel Art, artbook of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Complete data base.

Kaiba brothers cell phone strap.

Kaiba straps (2014).

Official mug of Kaiba Corp.
Pencils of Kaiba and color pencils of Yu-Gi-Oh! Doma (5th Season) xD

Yu-Gi-Oh! DVDs.
First DVD (Turn 1). I bought it because Kaiba appears in the first episode with a uniform school.
(Turn 13) 3,800 yens for ONLY 3 episodes =_= But I bought it because Kaiba appears with new purple clothes in the museum (episode 52).

Film book of Yu-Gi-Oh! first movie.

Original poster of the first movie.

Yu-Gi-Oh! R (V- Jump) because Kaiba appears with new clothes xD

More random things. Kaiba with green hair, yay!

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