The list of my official Kaiba stuff.

Yu-Gi-Oh! manga volumes and One Coin dolls.
Manga // original japanese version and first edition printed.

Seto Kaiba PVC (27,5cm). Scale 1/7.

As a first production bonus of the PVC included the Battle City blimp.

Seto Kaiba Revoltech (16,5cm).

Seto Kaiba Figma (16,5cm).

My PVC, Revoltech, Figma and keychains.

Kaiba bookmark in a Terry Pratchett's book (a gift from my sister).

Duel Art, artbook of Yu-Gi-Oh!

Yu-Gi-Oh! Complete data base.

Kaiba brothers cell phone strap.

Kaiba straps (2014).

Kaiba gashapons (2016).

Kaiba Corp. Mini towel (2016).

Official mug of Kaiba Corp.
Pencils of Kaiba and color pencils of Yu-Gi-Oh! Doma (5th Season) xD

Yu-Gi-Oh! DVDs.
First DVD (Turn 1). I bought it because Kaiba appears in the first episode with a uniform school.
(Turn 13) 3,800 yens for ONLY 3 episodes =_= But I bought it because Kaiba appears with new purple clothes in the museum (episode 52).

Film book of Yu-Gi-Oh! first movie.

Original poster of the first movie.

Yu-Gi-Oh! R (V- Jump) because Kaiba appears with new clothes xD

More random things. Kaiba with green hair, yay!

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